Home Wireless FAQ's
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1 What do I do if my Home Owner’s Association does not allow antennas on the roof? 111
2 What is the 30-DAY Customer Satisfaction Guarantee? 471
3 If we will get very close to our advertised speed, why are the speeds quoted as "Up to"? 476
4 Do you impose any data caps on your service? 632
5 If I decide to cancel my phone service with you, prior to the time my service agreement ends, will I have any termination liability? 371
6 How will this service compare to my current satellite-based Internet service? 459
7 What does an install of Wireless service entail? 663
8 What is an "extended distance" install and why does it cost more? 496
9 Is there a "Service level agreement" (SLA) on this service? 427
10 What happens if I sign a term-agreement and I sell my home or move? 451
11 Why are you asking for me to sign a term-agreement? 456
12 What equipment/hand off will you provide in my home? 533
13 Can I get a public static IP with the residential Wireless service? 404
14 How does this service compare to cable Internet? 474
15 Why will this service be superior to DSL? 457
16 What is the repair expectation on the Residential Wireless service? 399
17 How many email addresses do I get with this service? 433
18 Can I use VoIP products like Vonage and Magic Jack on this service? 467
19 Does DakotaPro offer phone services? 361
20 How reliable is this service? 446
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