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Use the following steps to setup an 2wire 2700 or 2701 - Do Not install the CD that came with the modem!

Make sure that your cables are all plugged in. You should have a phone cord plugged into the Internet or Line jack on the back of the modem, going to the wall phone jack that your DSL line is installed on.

The Ethernet cable should be plugged into the Ethernet port on the back of the modem, and the other end in the network adapter on your computer.

1. Open your browser. In the address bar enter in and hit enter. You should get the 2Wire setup page. If a message appears that says the page cannot be displayed, give tech support a call, so we can walk you through an alternative way to get into the modem's setup.

2. On the main page click on the "Advanced Configuration Settings" option on the right side of the screen next to Wizards.

3. On the next page, make sure the settings match the following:

  • "Time Zone" is set to Arizona.
  • "PPP Mode" is selected on the left side of the page.
  • "Connection Type" is set to PPPoA.
  • Enter in your Dakotacom.net username and password. If you don't know this information, you will need to contact support over the phone to get it.
  • "DHCP and "VIP" should be selected on the right side of the screen.
  • In the lower section, leave the settings as default.
  • After you have verified all of the correct options are selected, click on the Save button at the bottom of the page.

Your Internet light should come on solid green, provided your DSL light is on solid green. If both lights are solid, you are all setup and online. See if you can get a web page like http://www.cnn.com or http://www.google.com

  • If the Internet light turned red, then the username and or password is misspelled, or Qwest no longer has you pointed at our service. Call into support so we can help you troubleshoot.

  • If your DSL light is still flashing, then your connection with Qwest hasn't connected. Make sure you have the phone cord plugged into the correct wall phone jack that your DSL is installed on.

  • If it's in the correct jack, then you will need to call Qwest's DSL support and have them troubleshoot your connection. Qwest's DSL support can be reached at: 1-800-247-7285.